Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I promised myself I couldn't write until I finished the sweater, and it is DONE.  I worked all  yesterday morning on it.  The steek cutting was the least of my traumas.  It took me over an hour to hand sew the zipper in, after which I  tried it on and it looked awful. Really bad--a great big white streak up the front.  I had left too much space showing between the two bands.  I took it out incrementally so that I wouldn't have to repin the whole thing and resewed it with the knit material much closer to the zipper teeth.  It is now just a zipper and not a huge white band up the front.  Washed it, blocked it, now am waiting for it to dry so I can take photos of it, then pack it up and off it goes to the sister.  I am 'practice packing'--I send things off wrapped up in my special boxes the way I will send off anything from my Etsy Flyin' Bobbin shop , if anything ever sells.
Back of Sweater
Front of Classic Line Cardigan
And although I am glad I knit the sweater, it was just following directions with ready made yarn, which doesn't fill my soul with joy.  So now I am ready to dive into my colored batts and get spinning!  The warp is going to be so colorful and bright that I need to wait until it is on the loom to know what the weft will be.  I will halve all the batts so that the length of color is not too long between changes, which will leave me plenty to play with afterwards for the weft.  Unless the weft has to be a neutral color.  We will see.  Besides, I bought some sparkly fibers from the Etsy shop WC Mercantile , and they might just have to go into the weft for happiness.

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