Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday routines

After a fun, but exhausting, day with Annie, am back to the quiet routine of a Sunday.  We had a good day in Albany, the gem show was very interesting with lots of fossils for her to look at and shiny rocks for me.  I got the zipper for the sweater but had to settle for a cream color as there were no blues long enough.  We ate at what is becoming "our" place, a very nice coffee shop with good lunch time offerings.
MacTavish, enjoying the snow
Now it is post church, Sunday paper, second pot of coffee.  I will head off with The Dog to the parents for our twice weekly visit.  Jeff donned his woolies, after snow blowing the 4 inches we received last night off the driveway, and is headed for an afternoon of ice fishing.  The sun is out, so I think this snow will not last long on the roads.  When I finally get back late this afternoon, Mary's sweater is my number one priority. I am very much wanting to get the steek cut so I can start knitting the bands.  I just need to reinforce the second side of the steek.  Am I nervous about the cutting? You Bet!! But I am confident all will go well. I will just take my time.

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