Monday, May 14, 2012


It's that time of year, often called Springtime, where exciting and new things are happening all the time.  It also is a very busy time of year as once the air outside warms up, that is where all the focus lies.  So I have been a slacker in the fiber department, but as busy as Jeff's bees outdoors.

However, the first nice surprise came from inside the house.  I have an old cactus that is the grandchild or maybe great grandchild of a slip that a neighbor gave me more than 25 years ago.  At that time we were a very young family living in the village.   Our next door neighbor was an older couple, very kind and helpful to a young couple with little ones.  Mrs. Lulek was a colorful woman who smoked cigarettes and was full of old time parenting advice.  Mr. Lulek worked at the local dump where his hobby was to bring home things other people had thrown away, fix them up and then sell them.  He also raced a stock car at a nearby dirt race track, at that time being old enough to be most of the other driver's grandfather.  Mrs. L would come over for coffee almost everyday, dispensing her wisdom, recipes and clouds of smoke equally.  I was very grateful to her as my own mother at that time was living far from us and my mother in law was so good at "not interfering" that many times I needed Helen's good advice.  I still have her recipes and the cactus.  She was a dear woman.  The cactus only blooms occasionally and this year is one of those times.
The flowering cactus
The other surprise came from the chickens.  They are let out of the coop every morning now at daybreak. I go inside to make sure all is well.  Lately the Golden Comet I call Goldie has been laying an egg on the floor before I even get there.  Some times the eggs are very soft shelled and she or one of the others will then eat it.  Very Bad habit!  So I clean it up as soon as I see it.  Then she laid a perfectly nice egg, on the floor.  The next day she finally made it into a nest box and laid a perfect egg.  Today I found this on the floor and surmise it is another one of hers.  I have no idea what is going on with her.  She acts quite healthy and well. Another chicken mystery.
Normal egg and tiny egg
Here is a chicken picture.  How many of you knew that chickens love to sun bathe?  They will find a warm spot on the lawn, or slate or anywhere, and spread out their wings and take in a few rays.  I think it is very amusing.   Chickens always make me smile.  They have been keeping me company as I work in the gardens.  It is a great time of year.  Enjoy!

Rooster coming to see what's up
Rooster succumbs and joins the ladies