Friday, April 11, 2014

At Long Last

The chickens have finally finished their self appointed job of eating all the snow.   We have bare ground now over 99% of the yard.  It is fantastic.

Roxie working on the snow, April 1
This is what they mostly worked on.

The ice and snow mound, April 1
It only took ten days and they got it all.

Looking for help

Every one pitches in
What a relief all around.

All gone!
While the girls were so busy, I spring cleaned the coop.  It is so nice to get all that winter build up out the door.  I used the Chicken Chick's recipe for freshening up.  Jeff helped me reconfigure the roost, putting it closer to the wall so there is more floor space.  I am getting 6 chicks in May and want there to be enough room for everyone.  It looks and smells so clean!   
We also had other things to distract us.  The most exciting thing was seeing my little dress on Arya.  She is such a sweetie!

Sleeping sweetheart
Well, maybe the reason I saw her was really the most exciting thing.  Her folks brought her to listen to Annie's presentation for her PhD dissertation.

Annie's research
She defended successfully and now we are the proud family that has our own Dr.  She has worked so hard and long on this that we are all happy she is through.  This gives us two full months to concentrate on the wedding, so she can add Mrs. to her titles!
With all that has been going on, I still am spinning away.  Nothing on the loom yet, only socks on the needles, but as soon as I get enough yarn spun I have an idea for weaving and one for knitting.  But I started the tomatoes and peppers, so.........
Stay tuned!