Thursday, March 17, 2011


So here is a philosophical question I have--when I give someone something I have knit for them, why do I do it?  Mostly I feel that I have done it because I wanted to gift them something I did just for them.  Therefore, if I did it with love for the person, then it stands to reason that I don't need anything from them except, maybe, thanks.  The problem is, I read over and over about knitters giving say, socks, to family and friends who just rave on that they got hand knitted socks--will the knitter make them another pair?  Or how the receiver of the knitted item is just blown away that someone would spend all that time, just for them.
I have not had this experience.  In fact, sometimes the feeling I get is that the person I knit for is really thinking that I must be on hard times to give a handmade gift and not a "store bought" one.     I guess I wish I would see the person wear the item, or maybe even comment on it.  It is very gratifying to see that, when it happens, and there are those who do this.
Which leaves me with my question--why do I knit for others?  I know one person I have gifted with sweaters, hats and scarves, none of which were ever seen again---mostly , I think, because they were none of them  just exactly what the wearer was wanting.  So maybe I should go back to my answer--if I knit because I love someone, that should be enough.  Just don't knit for those who I feel it is a waste of time.
Someone who doesn't think I waste my time

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