Saturday, March 12, 2011


Jesse, modeling for my Etsy shop
First off, I can't type anything without saying how distressed I am about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  It is such a devastating event.  I cannot even comprehend the horror and helplessness.  Although prayer seems like a feeble thing to do in the face of such magnitude of loss, I know it is all I can do for the nation, and so I will keep the Japanese people in my thoughts and prayers.
Jesse did come through, and from far away in Madison was able to get my printer up and running.  I was so happy!  He is a wonderful son.
Warp, laying on table, in raddle
The warp is on the raddle, and now I am looking at it, wondering if I want to go through with this or not.  I knew I was short a great deal of yardage, but I went ahead and counted off what I had spun.  It is a 19" width right now, which should be adequate for a shawl.  But do I like the way the colors go?  I am thinking of the warp being either stripes of gray and cream, or stripes of the colors--any thoughts on the subject?   I really would love some input at this point!

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