Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where are they now? 2KCBWDAY4

Finished afghan
Whatever happened to the Block a Month challenge afghan I knit? This was another example of stepping outside of the comfort zone. Our local Yarn Store, Stitchy Women  has a Thursday night social knit. It was decided that we would all pick a block out of this book (200 Knitted Blocks by Jan Eaton) with the idea that every month we would all be knitting the same pattern for our own afghans. There were nine patterns chosen, and each of us were to knit six blocks of each pattern, so that at the end we would have 54 blocks to put together as an afghan. The theory being, that we would all be knitting, at one time or another, a technique we were unfamiliar with. The month we did the blocks with beading, that was my challenge. For others, it was the block with cables. At any rate, only a few of us persevered to the end. And the majority of us ended up with lots less than 54 blocks.
Well used by all
I had knit mine in a machine washable Encore, from Plymouth yarn, in shades of blues and greens. These colors, I thought, would be welcome to whoever I gave the afghan to. The machine washablity being an important part of gift giving. However, the whole process took me a year, as it was never the priority project. After I had worked on this thing for a year, suddenly I could not give it to anyone but myself. So I did. I love it! I never had such a comfy, snuggly, happy thing to cozy up in. Every night while I am ensconced in my chair, knitting or reading, I have my happy throw on my lap. Who knew blankies weren't just for kids any more?

Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, in her prime
And now the latest news from the home front--Buffy, the Vampire slayer, did move on to the happy chicken coop in the sky.  She was a weird old bird who used to spend half her time wandering around with her head in the clouds while the rest of the flock were some where else entirely.  I'll miss her shifty little eyes but her egg production ceased a year ago February, so there won't be a drop in egg numbers.

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