Monday, March 7, 2011

Snow tired

Well, after a day of rain and freezing rain, we got wind and snow.  9 or 10 inches when Jeff cleared the driveway.  It stopped for about an hour or so, now it is back snowing and blowing full force.  It didn't keep him from going out in the truck (which has four wheel drive) to keep an appointment in Rutland ( a thirty minute drive in clear weather).  I however, did try to stop him as I ran down the road after him screaming and waving my hands to let him know that the wood furnace had blown out the vent in the stove pipe!  It sent black soot everywhere and the fire alarm went off.  Freaked me out, just a bit!  Fortunately, the furnace is in the cellar, so it keeps the ashes, etc, out of our living space.  Also there was no harm done, although he could only theorize what had happened.  The  house would not have burned down if he hadn't been there, he explained, so I was happy to know that.  It is the first time in over 20 years of burning wood that I have been totally undone by it.  If he had already been out of reach, I guess I would have  figured out what to do, but I am glad I didn't have to!  The end result is that I aggravated my throat with hollering and then gasping for breath once I had run back into the house to throw open the bulkhead doors for him, so now am coughing a bit.  Definitely not a sprinter!
Still it snows, snows, snows.   Later I will have to shovel off the end of the drive so Jeff can get back in.   I think it is ' finish spinning the batts, then plying' day. Sure not going out anywhere!

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