Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Little Red Hen

Last night, when Jeff got up to feed the fire, he saw that the hen house temperature had dropped to 19 degrees.  So he went out to start the heater, and found Little Red Hen on the floor in front of it.  Figuring she was looking for warmth, he left her there.  But this morning, she was still there , which led him to put her in an old dish pan with some hay to bring her into the house to warm up.  She is one of the original hens, a Rhode Island Red, and is of indeterminate age.  So she actually may be quite old.  At any rate, she has always been a good layer until this winter.  Lately, these last few weeks, she has been reluctant to fly off the perch  in the morning, and often times I help her down.  I think she has fallen to the bottom of the peck order, which leads me to believe that the other hens know something about her that I don't.  Regardless, she is ensconced in the bathroom for now.  I hope she revives, as I hate to lose her, and I dread to think of what to do with her body in the dead of winter, should she succumb. Poor little thing.
Batts still to spin
I have been busy plying my warp.  It is very interesting to see as it is a marled yarn, which usually I am not crazy about.  However, KnittyBlog had a great writing one day last month about an experiment that Jillian did with marling yarns, so it has me thinking hard about how this will look in a woven piece.  I still need about 100 yards more, so I am going to be spinning that up today. I think that I will work on more pink. What it looks like, at this point:
Warp, so far

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