Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Skill + 1UP 2KCBWDAY2

The most exciting thing I have learned to do in this last year is to knit two socks at a time on one circular needle--the "Magic Loop" method. I used to have such a bad case of second sock syndrome that it was a case of absolutely having to learn this. First I tried two at a time on two circular. That was o.k., but after a few instances of pulling out one or the other needle, I decided that I should learn to do it on one needle. The first time I finished both at the same time was magic, for sure! The time it takes is still the same, well maybe a tad quicker, than on double points, but having worked my way through a pattern once, at least I have two socks by the time I get tired of the project. The other thing I learned to do is to read a lace chart. I could read charts before, especially anything that is a color pattern, but for stitches, I spent a lot of time referring back to what the symbols meant. Somehow the whole process has coalesced in my head, and now reading charts is far easier.

A skill I admire, but have no interest in learning, as of yet, is intarsia.  For some reason it has no appeal to me.  Maybe I should tackle it sometime this year, just to make sure I don't like it!
Today is Fun Day as I am going down to the new fiber mill, Battenkill Fibers in Greenwich, NY,  with my friend Glo to pick up her processed alpaca. She and her husband own AlnGlo Alpaca Ledge Farm (contact: alnglot@comcast.net) and that is where all my alpaca comes from. The mill is newly opened so Glo wanted to see if it was worth taking some of her 17 fleeces down to them. Currently, she and I wash all the fleeces by hand. Her test was two white fleeces to be washed and made into roving. If she is happy with their services, it may save us from washing so many. It isn't just the washing, it is the sorting that takes so much time. And 2011 shearing is only 2 months away! We haven't even finished washing all of 2010. Glo cards most of it up into batts for sale. She also spins an astonishing amount up as yarn to sell. After we pick up her fiber, then it is off to lunch. We always have fun together.

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