Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sunshine Tuesday

Sap buckets--sugaring has begun!
The sun is shining, the snow is melting, Jeff has set out 10 taps and the sap is flowing!  I am one happy person.  Nature can send whatever she likes now; it won't matter as I am starting seeds, having seen winter's grip broken.
The warp is hanging on the loom.  I won't finish threading and tie up until I get the weft spun.  There is too much temptation for one of the household cats to lay on a warp for me to leave it idle for too long.  Plus, I don't want to stretch it more than I have to.
A waiting warp
I've decided on a marled weft, as well.  Cotswold, plyed with the colors.  Since Cotswold is a fine wool, it should pair well with the alpaca.  At this point in time the idea floating around my brain is that it will be the same color pattern--purple, blue and on to the pink, in roughly the same widths, for a loose plaid effect.  Always subject to change.  Plain weave, so that the colors and pattern are the focus.  Loosely woven, also, to make a nice flowing material.

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