Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Small balls of yarn
I've been wanting to knit a shawl using a pattern that I was introduced to a while back.  The fun part about this pattern is that I knit it using yarns that I wind into balls, using fun, kitchy sorts of yarn.  This one started with my hand painted alpaca.  I wind them into small balls so that I can switch from one to another in a short span of knitting.  It makes such a fun piece of knitting.   The unifying bit about it is my yarn running through the whole shawl. 

Sample of the three runs
First day of spring brought snow and freezing rain.  Jeff boiled again last night.  He is up to five quarts.  Yum.  It sounds like it may be good sugar weather the rest of the week.  At least he can quit any time he wants now, as we will have enough to eat and give away.  Mostly give away, as the grand girls love it.
Still spinning the Cotswold.  I've been distracted, so must get back on task.   Then I still have the dyed batts to do!  I'd better get cracking.  At least some of the seeds have sprouted. I now have tomatoes, broccoli and some onions up, plus zinnia.  I am anxious for the celery, as the celery we were given last year was wonderful. So, I am hopeful.

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