Friday, November 2, 2012

Skip-Its and Dodge-Its

Close up of the colors
Hard to capture the beauty of it
When I was a young mother and lived in the village, my next door neighbor (as you may recall from an earlier post) was Mrs. Lulek.  Whenever she was having leftovers for supper, she always said that she was going to feed Mr. Lulek "skip-its and dodge-its".  So when I had a creative fiber rush, that was the phrase that stuck with me, as I had a desire to make something from these lovely leftover yarns from various projects.  Leftovers being the operative term.  And so I got out the warping board, and after carefully measuring all the bits and pieces, proceeded to throw out all my careful planning and just went with the rush. The result is this lovely scarf, woven of all these soft and shimmery bits of past projects.    I got it off the loom, washed and fulled it, only to fall madly in love with it while it was drying.  Dutifully I sewed on my label and the washing instructions, all the while wondering how I was going to actually sell this piece.   It is so soft!  It has all these great colors in it.  It has shimmers!
Guess what?  I don't have to sell it at all.  It belongs to me.  Goes perfectly with my black dress coat, my purple polar fleece, my green long sleeve tee, my light blue winter has to be mine!  Mine mine mine.  All mine.
But I will make another scarf for the shop.  I promise.  It can be a skip-it and dodge-it one of my leftover yellow/brown palette.  And it, too, will be lovely.

I did get the write ups done for the shawl that was finished in August.  Now that is in the shop.
Shawl from the summer
There was also time to knit up and also write about the fingerless gloves and the slouch hat.  So they are in the shop also.
Lace fingerless gloves

Slouch hat
Tomorrow I give a first lesson to a woman on how to spin on a spinning wheel.  She is very excited so I hope that I meet her expectations.  It promises to be a lot of fun.
Now I have to go do some spinning, for you see my feverish little brain is going to be working overtime.   It has something to do with the shorter days and longer nights, coupled with starting the wood furnace.  So many ideas!  Such a great time of year to do them all!