Friday, February 7, 2014

Frosty February

This week's snowfall left us with about 10 inches of lovely, fluffy new snow.  It looks like winter now, for sure.

Snowy yard

It is cold.  The cold is the better kind of cold now that we are insulated with snow.  Not bitter, below zero temperatures that led me to bring the hens inside.  They are happily back in the barn, even venturing out into the areas that Jeff cleared with the snow blower.  As long as there is no wind they are safe from frostbite.

I took the time while inside to do some much needed cleaning of areas and finishing of projects.
My favorite was the blankie and bear for Ty and Alyssa's baby, due this month.

Ty and Alyssa on their wedding day

Here is the baby gift.

The middle is double knit which makes it reversible and warm

The scarves I had on the loom got finished.  One is in my Etsy shop and one is in the gift shop here in town.

Mostly silk and alpaca 

Long scarf in alpaca
Now I am busy carding up more fleece to spin as I am out of yarn!  I do have a lot of wonderful roving to spin only I am trying to clean out my aging stash of fibers.  Much of what I have are seconds which I have not sorted properly.  I am doing that now, getting rid of short fibers and those imbued with hay chaff that I thought somehow I could clean.   

We had our annual winter picnic.  It was before the snow came.  The day was relatively warm, the snow not too deep, the food and family fantastic.

Off to a picnic

That was so much fun that now I will take time out of fiber stuff to get out and enjoy the snow.  I am working on snowshoeing a path around the yard for eventual skiing.  The days are longer, the sun is stronger and too soon it will be time to focus on other things, so I will enjoy these days while I can.  You should, too!