Friday, March 25, 2011

Not Thinking

This is what becomes of Not Thinking.  I was doing a cold water wash, and, as always, had all my hand knit socks in the little laundry bag that I wash them in.  Because I was Not Thinking, I put my lovely newly knit Nemesis socks in with the others.  But Nemesis were knit in commercial alpaca, so this was the result.

Sad little socks

I was horrified, yet also amused that I would spend all that time knitting only to ruin them!  I quickly put them on and made them fit my foot and leg, letting them actually dry (mostly) so that they could still be worn.
The end result is OK.  They still can be worn, are still soft, and life goes on.   Good thing the next pair is out of my usual sock wool that can withstand a wash in the machine.  I will definitely treat these babies with a little more care next time!
Molded to foot and leg
Meanwhile, spring is slowly advancing upon us.  It is still very cold.  The snow is leaving the yards at a sedate pace.  This will probably put us in a good place come May, as we got word that the bee shipment is going to be late.  At first I panicked about that, thinking that there won't be enough blossoming for bees by mid May, but at the rate we are gong it probably will be perfect timing.

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