Thursday, December 11, 2014

Do You Know What I Know?

I know that wet, heavy snow for two days is beautiful, picturesque and destructive.

My flattened bushes and downed shrubbery

I know that my husband, who got up at five o'clock to shovel, really appreciated me coming out at six to join him.

After two hours of steady shoveling
 I know that it is a wondrous thing that we still have electricity.

Looks like we will have to be shoveling off the porch roof in short order

I know that this is an accurate measurement!

Who can argue with the snow stick?

I know that we are, in all probability, going to have a white Christmas!

This is a seriously heavy snow.

And finally, I know that I am not going anywhere today, but will be home baking and working on
Christmas gifts.  
Stay warm, stay safe and if it looks like this where you live, enjoy a day off from work!