Friday, April 29, 2011

Off the Loom

Blocked and drying
Close up of colors
Well, I did get the shawl off the loom and I still can't decide if I like the colors or not!  It is nice and snuggy warm, which was my intent on that account.  It is a good 6 feet long, so plenty to cuddle up with.  I am just not so sure about the pattern.  Regardless, I am happy to be done.  Now I want to make one the same size in all natural shades of alpaca, in a planned and definite plaid pattern.  The problem with this piece was I was in arrears with the weft and had to replace my idea of the weft with a new design to accommodate my insufficient quantity of  colors.
Some of Gloria's alpacas
Today I am going off to the north to visit Glo as I need to get her the last fleece I washed.  Soon it will be time for shearing!  Hard to believe. It is a beautiful day after the storms of yesterday.  The drive up is just lovely as I have to go by several lakes.  We will spend time spinning and visiting, then she will feed me lunch.  Glo is one of the most generous, hospitable people I know.  So, off I go to have fun!


  1. This reminds me of the wool blanket we use to have in the back of the car growing up that Freckles slept on. It was dark blue and red plaid.

  2. I forgot about that. Yes, sort of like that one, only much softer and snugglier, if that is an adjective! I need you to model it for me, wrapped up in it on the sofa, reading, with a cup of tea nearby. For the shop.