Saturday, April 9, 2011

Weaving Retro

Familiar to anyone?
This shawl I am working on reminds me of the sofas in the homes of my friends when I was but a young girl.  I think it is the tweedy look combined with the plaid factor.   Now, I don't think that it is a bad thing, just an observation on my part. At least it isn't in the colors of that time--orange, brown and tan! The overall effect is sort of gentle, if that is the right word.   I actually like this softer appearance.  It is not something that I expected.    For me, that is so much the fun and adventure of working with fiber---what will it look like when I am done? 
Hen aprons
The chickens are all dong well right now.  The other day I had an egg from every single hen.  That was nice!  The only  thing is, the rooster, in his amorous attentions, has made 4 of the hens very bald, right down to the skin, on their backs.  So, I have ordered, And Don't Laugh, 4 little hen "aprons" that will cover their bald spots until the feathers grow back. (Hen Saver) The thing is, if left bare, when he is, um, you-know-whating, he will inadvertently tear their skin at this point.  Then there is the chance of infection and if there is blood, the other hens will peck at the place.  Not Good.  I got them in brown as I thought that they would blend in with their coloring better.  If they work, then I will be able to make more as I will have a pattern to copy. I am toughening myself up for all the hilarity that I will have to endure because of this.  I think Some People will look askance at this venture.
The things I do for my chickens!

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