Sunday, April 3, 2011

Your Knitting and Crochet Time 2KCBWDAY7

When is it that I knit?  Knitting time is almost always in the evening while Jeff watches TV. Sometimes it happens in the day if there is a project that needs wide awake attention.  And also, when there is a ride in the car.  I tend to sit at the spinning wheel during the day.  The loom is a daytime event.  Mostly I like to listen to audio books while spinning or weaving.  Once in a while I will watch a movie while I spin, but mostly I don't.  If I haven't a book to listen to I will have music on.  Classical, folk, Celtic, or sometimes soothing music from Soundings of the Planet.  In the summer, when the weather is fine, I like to spin outside.
And there we have it, folks!  A whole week's worth of a blog challenge.  It was fun.  Now I will have to get back to telling you what I have been doing in the meantime. Til then....enjoy the day!

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