Saturday, April 2, 2011

Something to Aspire to-2KCBWDAY6

To what do I aspire? I am always open to learning new knitting techniques that pop up in patterns that I have chosen. It is helpful to me to learn a previously unknown thing in the context of a pattern as that forces me to use it. Just learning something for the sake of being able to say I can do it, doesn't fill me with any sort of desire. I really would like to learn how to weave overshot some day. It has always sounded so exciting, I don't know why! My dream is to some day be able to go to knitting camp and learn lots of things. I know someone who went on a knitting cruise on a sailboat around the waters in Maine. Sigh. This dream ranks right up there with a weaving camp. Both!! However, circumstances and finances combine to rule against me. But, maybe, some day.......

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