Tuesday, April 26, 2011

After Easter Musings

Cooking up a storm
Well, that was such a nice Easter weekend.  It was full of family and food. Lots of food.
Not anywhere near as hectic as when the children were young.  Now it is just as enjoyable, but in a different way.  We still go to Mass on Sunday and go over to visit Nain, only the car is not full of bouncy, sugar filled darlings.  Instead of staying there for our dinner, we come back to the house where we put dinner on for the family, my folks, and usually my sister and her husband.  We were only lacking Jesse who was in Madison roasting a chicken for his and Lisha's dinner.
Daffodils were blooming
It was a mild day, not sunny, but at least we could go out without a coat on.
Everyone was in a happy, mellow state of being.  We feasted on lamb, ham, scalloped potatoes, coleslaw, green beans, asparagus, rolls and assorted wines, beers and other adult beverages.

The trifle and the cheesecake turned out quite well.

The girls
We were able to send a lot of the leftovers home with the girls and the parents, so that we won't be eating them for the next week.
And after everyone had gone, we didn't do anything at all, which was nice.  Just relaxed and enjoyed the after glow.
But yesterday, I finished spinning my weft, so I will ply today and hope to be back weaving soon.

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