Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All's Well

Girls in their "aprons"
Wanting to keep you up to date on the Chicken home front.  Lil' Roxie has recovered quite well and is with the rest of the flock now.  She is wearing her hen apron, as are two others in the flock.  They seem to tolerate them well. I like them as they are definitely keeping their backs covered.  I had made little shoulder protectors to velcro to the apron to cover the bald spots on their "shoulders" on the tops of their wings, but the poor little hen I tested it on hated it, and Franklin actually grabbed hold of it and ripped it off, so I didn't put them on the others. 
Lovely blue to spin
Still have not finished spinning the weft colors as I am totally distracted with life right now.  The blue is really pretty, though.  Plus I want to wind balls of yarn for a sunny, summery shawl for a friend of mine who lives in Alaska.   It is her birthday this week.  I won't actually get it done in time, but it won't be too late, either.

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