Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stormy Day

Rainy yard
Raindrops on driveway
Whew!  Wild and wet weather today.  It is really bad up north--roads washed away, schools closed, bridges out.  Daughter Becca has decided if Lake Champlain rises enough to close the road to her home, she will just come down here for the night.  She works on the Vermont side and lives on the New York side.  Kevin had to stay home from work as the girls did not have school again today, so he will be able to tell her if the road gets inundated. 
Bobbins ready for the shuttle

However, this makes it a very good day for indoor work. I wound my bobbins with the newly done yarn and will spend a happy morning weaving. 


Later on in the day I am going to go to a workshop sponsored by my hospice affiliation, RAVNAH, on Reiki.  I have always been interested in it and now I will be able to find out for myself what it is all about.  And not just take Annie's word for it that it is a whole lot of hooey.


  1. Well, I found it very interesting! But I can see why you have that opinion of it, Miss Scientist Person..