Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Chicken Doctor

Healthy Lil' Roxie
Or, Doctor Chicken?  This time it is Lil' Roxie, the Plymouth Barred Rock.  Her name was originally "Nefertiti", but, after the passing of the first PBR, we just gave her the same name, only adding the "Lil'".  It's not like they come to their name when you call them!  At any rate, she was standing around, acting funny, yesterday evening and after much forum reading, I thought she might have 'prolapse'.  So this morning, armed with all the info, I brought her into the house to wash her off that I might properly diagnose it.  Ha!  Don't try this at home.  When The Husband, is home.  All was going well at the cleaned kitchen sink, when MacTavish decided to find out why there was a bird in the house.  That hen screeched and flew all over the counter, knocking Jeff's full coffee cup and scattering feathers like crazy.  (It would have been funnier if we'd both had had our coffee at that point).  After getting her into the bathroom I proceeded to mop up and soothe the Husband's ruffled feathers.   Then back to washing Lil' Roxie.  It turned out she had an egg that was somehow not going down the pike the way it should.  This was a soft shelled egg that she managed to expel.  Now the treatment is the same as for prolapse.  The Critical Care Unit is the greenhouse, since the weather is much warmer, where she is isolated until all traces of the problem are gone.
She already seems much happier. 
I have not done anything fiber related for days.  Except for the sock knitting at night.  Today is shaping up to be a lovely rainy April day, which gives me hope that after this morning's running around I will be able to get my spinning done so that I can get back to weaving.  I ran out of a few colors already, which doesn't bode well for getting the shawl off in a timely manner.  Since this is my own, self imposed, timely manner, I guess I shouldn't worry about that!

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