Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm tired today

Yesterday was spent driving across the state to attend the 5th annual Hunger Conference, put together by the Vermont Foodbank.  I volunteer for our local emergency food shelf and one of the directors thought I should go as I had found it so interesting last year.  I took another volunteer with me.  It is such a mind opening experience!  But the drive was two hours, one way, and after getting up at 5 a.m. to be on the road by 5:30, then sitting through several workshops, we decided to slip out early.  Still, we weren't home until almost 5:30 that night.  I was whipped! 
Greenhouse in summer
Today I have spent being quietly at home, sort of   ( I did go out to hydrofit this morning and then over to Daphne's house to work on our Taradiddle program for this summer) and was able to get all the seedlings out into the greenhouse.  Being a  rainy day, I felt it was a good time to do it as they can't be exposed to the sun when they are still small.  They have to get acclimated.  I took the precaution of having the propane tank filled up in case we have to put the heater on at night, due to temperatures dropping.  But I don't think they are supposed to drop, at least for the next few days.  It's nice to have them out of the cellar.  Now I just have a few packs left in the dining room.  They are very tiny and slow coming, so I think I will leave them there for a while. 

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