Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Met today with the college student who wants to learn how to spin.  The college in our town has a working farm on it, and one of the courses is entitled "Homesteading".  The students taking this have to learn a particular skill, and it seems almost every year I am asked to mentor someone for spinning.  Although, once I had a young man who was interested in weaving.  Regardless, this newest pupil is going to be fun to work with as she already knows that she really wants to spin, and has been collecting and stashing roving and fleeces in anticipation!  She has clear, attainable goals, and has worked out how to reach them, so this will be just a fun time for me.  The wheel she is borrowing to learn on is a Kromski Sonata, and I sure hope she realizes what a lovely machine she's got.  Must be the person who is loaning it to her trusts her, because I sure would have a hard time letting a newbie use it, if it were mine! As nice as it is, I only covet the way it breaks down and packs into a backpack bag.  My Reeves wheel suits me perfectly--I love it being single treadle and double drive, and a reproduction of an antique. I actually saw one just like it in a museum in Old York Maine that was from 1812.  The only difference was that mine doesn't have a distaff. This is mine in action. 

The Flyin' Bobbin!

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