Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moonlight calcutations

Woke up in the middle of the night  to the moon shining in the window.  Just lovely, but then I was Awake.  So I worked on the numbers for the shawl I want to weave with this yarn I am making. Thinking about weaving or knitting in the night is so much better than thinking about The Children, or The Parents.  Besides, I find it rather soothing.
I think the shawl should be 24 inches wide, and about 84 inches long.  Big enough to wrap up in.  8 e.p.i. will make it nice and drapey. That translates into 24 x 8=192 x 3=576.  3 yards will be long enough on the warp to give me the 84 inches and some fringe. Spinning 576 yards of each of the alpaca and merino blend seems doable.  I hate it when I plan a project that takes so much spinning I get bored.  Not good!  I am watching  BBC's Middlemarch with this warp, so that keeps me entertained.  Although, so far, I am not connecting with any of the characters.  Wonder why?

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