Saturday, February 19, 2011

Start again

It turns out that I was extremely short on the merino/silk, in thinking it would do for my warp.  The amount I got, plying it with the alpaca, was just over 100 yards, which is woefully short of what I need. It will make a lovely scarf, I think, and now I am back to square one for my warp.  Toying with the idea of dyeing some fleece in purples and blues, then carding them in varying shades to make a colorful 2nd ply to the gray.  The merino/silk is very subtle, and I think I want a little more color for the warp.

Finished yarn--see the subtle color?
It is very cold and blustery out.  Will do all the errands this morning in the hopes that I can get the dye pot out this afternoon, as no children are expected to be along.  Also am sorting a fleece to get it ready to wash.  This one is Addy, one of my favorites. Long staple, good crimp and a lovely light fawn color.  I love it that I get "paid" by keeping some of the fleece that I clean.  Better than money, somehow.

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