Thursday, February 24, 2011


Today will be spent washing the latest fleece from Alnglo farm.  I have gotten half of it done, I think.  I also want to card the dyed locks from Saturday's dye session.  The colors are really sharp, just what I think I want.
Snowy yard
The sun is out, which is great, as there is supposed to be another big snow storm coming tomorrow.  What an endless winter!  I have only gotten out on my skis a few times with the snow so deep and the air so frigid.  These mornings of below zero have worn out their welcome.  I must be getting old and cranky as I used to love winter.  There are definite signs of spring, though, as I am sure I saw pussy willows, and I know that the days are longer.  "When the days grow longer, the cold grows stronger" is an old adage that has proven itself true this year!

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