Friday, February 25, 2011

Quiet day

Two lovely brown eggs
When I woke up and saw that it hadn't snowed at all, and here they were predicting 8 to 12 inches, I was a little surprised.  But by the time I fed the chickens and collected eggs, it had begun.  It is now coming down so fast that you can hardly see the individual flakes.  I think if it were a few degrees warmer it would be pouring rain.  A definite quiet, stay at home day to catch up.
Pineapple pie
As I did not get the fleece all washed. Instead I made a pineapple pie*  and a quiche for supper, being called out at 5 to go sit in our local yarn shop to tend it.  Stichy Women is open on Thursday until 8 pm, with 6 to 8 being the social knit hours.  Mary Lee didn't want to close early in case some one came in to knit, so I "baby sat" for her while she was down the street working on a Chamber of Commerce upcoming promotional day.  When she got back at 7, not a soul had stopped in or called, so she closed up for the night.  Worked out well for me, as I got Mary's sweater almost all done--just have to hem the bottom and then do the steek, only that has to wait til I get a zipper.  If all goes well, and this storm clears out by tomorrow, I will be going down to the city to visit Annie where there are lots of places to buy zippers. And seeds. We are going to go to the Gem show in Albany.  It should be a lot of fun.  Almost any time with Annie is a lot of fun!
* I will write up the recipe if you want it.

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