Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Saturday, I dyed

Spent Saturday afternoon with the dye pots.  I chose the fleece from Luxor as he is all white, but not as fine as Warwick, so less susceptible to felting.  I did 7 quart jars, for 7 different shades of pink to blue to purple.  It was very enjoyable, as always.  And the colors are nice and bright.  I am thinking that I will card them all into batts, and starting with the pink, go through the shades and end with the dark blue, all on one bobbin.  My hope is that it will make a very interesting warp when all said and done.

Jars in the dye bath
Locks drying on rack
Meanwhile very cold again.  We put a heater in the hen house as they are very cold in there.  One poor little lady has a bleeding foot, I think because it is so cold that her skin is tender.   I have it up to 31 in there now, but as it is only in the teens outside, 31 is like a heat wave.  I keep telling them that it will be spring soon, and they can go out and run around on grass.  I hope this is true! Even the cats are getting tired of being in all the time.  Maybe that is why I spent Monday morning going over the seed inventory---time to start certain flowers and vegies, believe it or not.

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