Friday, February 18, 2011


Today is warmer again--nice break from all the cold.  Jeff decided to let the chickens out early and then check on his bees.  He opened the end of his top bar hive, but couldn't hear any noise.  There were lots of dead bees on the bottom.  He broke off some of the comb they had built, only to find it was all empty.  Does this mean they have starved to death?  He got the bees comparatively late last spring--maybe they didn't have time to gather enough to have honey through the winter.  So we have ordered more bees for this spring, as he really does like having them.  The comb smells wonderful.
The top bar bee hive
Today I hope to finish spinning the merino/silk.  I also need to keep working away at the sweater for my sister.  I am up to the yoke with raglan decreases, so it shouldn't be long now.  Then the infamous steek cutting! It is the Classic Lines Cardigan from KnitPicks.  Keeping me busy.

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