Friday, July 1, 2011

Good Food

Jeff's garden

Ripening raspberries
Jeff's vegetable garden is looking mighty fine!  We got a tad nervous when we saw a deer hoof print at the end of the driveway when we went for our walk this morning, but the garden was untouched.  This time.  Everything is growing like mad after the last bit of rain we had.  This weekend promises heat so I think that I will be overwhelmed with good eating for a bit.  I have to buy some more jam jars as raspberry jam is always a must for us, and I seemed to have used up the last of them with the strawberry rhubarb batch.  The blueberries are mostly eaten fresh and in baking--the rest get frozen for future use.  There is no better time of year than when the berries start ripening as I love to have them fresh in a bowl to throw on my cereal every morning.  And eat right off the bush as I go by....
Early blueberries
I am looking forward to tomorrow.  It is the annual Book Sale at the Poultney Public Library.   This is our once a year fundraiser, and it is huge.  The general price per paperback is $.10 and hardcovers are $.25.  These books are from our weeded collection and, mostly, from donations.  We never know what we will have.  The special price books are ones that are recent editions, or valuable in other ways, but even the special price is only a couple bucks or so.  Of course, as a helper, the perk is knowing if there are any knitting or weaving books to be had.....not to mention favorite authors!

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