Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life without Franklin

When Franklin was boss
The hens have settled down into a life without their main man,  Franklin.  It doesn't seem as if anyone is the boss yet, although for a while I thought it was going to be Cleo.  The rooster used to find delicacies for the ladies to eat, would call them over to it, and stand guard while they scratched and ate.  So, at first, the girls would run all over the yard and not know what to do.  Some would be in one part and others in another place.  Then it seemed like they were sticking close to Cleo.  But that isn't the case anymore. Everyone goes where they want to with a coming together when it is time to rest or dust bathe. They all shun the "Littles", driving them away when treats are thrown for them.  The Littles are getting quite large now, so it won't be long before they will be able to muscle their way in to get their fair share. 
The Littles at 9 weeks
Another change in behavior is the egg laying production.  I do not know why this is so, but they are laying better than ever now.  On average, three a day.  Which is good, as there are six possible layers.  But the hollering and yelling that goes on in the coop when a hen goes to get into a nest box and it is occupied, is hilarious!  The other day  two of them were at it for over five minutes!  I could almost hear the cussing!!
Mama Hen: Get out of there, I need to lay an egg Right Now!
Aphra:  Well, do it someplace else, I have to lay an egg.
Mama Hen: That is my nest, you get out.
Aphra:  No it isn't!  Use the empty one right there.
Mama H:  I can't.  It is icky.  I hate the hay in it. I can only use that one.  Get out!
Aphra: I will not!  I am laying an egg.
And on it went.  End of story?  Neither one laid an egg in that nest!  Chickens!
Peaceful resolution for these two

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