Friday, July 15, 2011


I had a great visit this week from cousins traveling through to see their aunt, my Mom.  They are all daughters of two of her brothers.  One cousin came all the way from California, one from Colorado and the other two from Nebraska.  It was so good to see them, even if it was only for a brief hour as they traveled back to Boston, where the California cousin's son lives.  As said son is moving back to the West Coast, the feeling was that she might not get back this way for a long time.  They were all so glad to see my Mom and were very pleased that they made the trek out.  The fact that they managed to take in so  many fabulous sites, including Martha's vineyard, was icing on their cake. The other thing they did was demand to see my Etsy inventory and proceeded to buy things from it!  I was blown away and told them they certainly did not have to do that, but they insisted they wanted to.  It was very gratifying.  Now I need to get cracking and spin some yarn to see what I will create to fill in those empty spaces.
John Michael, the actor
Another cousin popped up in the area this past week, also.  This one is from my father's side. His folks were at the Ordination last month and told us John would be up this way.  He is currently acting in the North American Tour of Mamma Mia which came to Proctor's theater.  My Dad bought tickets for Mom and him and Annie and I, so we all went to see John playing the part of Bill Austin.  It  was so much fun!  What a great show it was.  Afterwards we hung around the stage door until he came out to visit for a few minutes.  Now he is playing in Florida. It is so wonderful for me to make these connections as I grew up not knowing any relatives as they all lived so far away from us.  I love meeting my family as an adult!  We live such varied lives--it's amazing and pretty darn cool.

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