Monday, July 11, 2011

The Deed is Done

Frank is in the pot.  Yes, he really is at this very moment being cooked up in a pot on the stove.  My very obliging husband "did the deed" while I busied myself with household chores.  It seems we will be having chicken and biscuits tonight for supper!  I trust I will be able to eat it....I can't help but think that the ladies will be much better off--at least now they can grow their feathers back.  The two in confinement seem to be doing ok--Lil' Roxie is definitely on the mend, even though she has yet to lay me an egg.  Goldie was doing fine, but today seems mopey.  It might be because I have all of the hens and littles together in the pen for bonding.  Or it might be a set back.  Or maybe they know about Frank????  We will see. They will have to pick a leader now,  as they won't have him to tell them what to do anymore.  I think they will sort it out just fine.
And, no, I am not going to post any pictures of my chicken and biscuits!!!

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