Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Glorius Fourth of July!

It really was a fabulous Fourth.  We did all the things one is supposed to--- went to a parade, ate at a cookout, went swimming and visited with family.  I didn't make the fireworks, as about 8:30 I was suddenly All Done, and had to go to bed and read a little before I crashed.  And the fireworks are one of my favorite things!!!  I was sad I was so whipped.

Lil' Roxie
Goldie in her coat
It could have been the hot weather that got to me, I am sure that helped, but the real reason was this:  I came home from swimming to find that two of the hens were Not Good.  One, my favorite girl Goldie, has had a side injury caused by the rooster's spur.  I thought it was healing, as I had but her coat back on to protect her, but it had ripped open and she was obviously in distress.  The other, Roxie, was just acting unhappy in a general sort of way, and I couldn't see anything noticeably wrong.  But it took all the wind out of my sails, and I went to bed pondering if we should do more than clip Franklin's spurs and nails.  Which we had already done Sunday when Annie was around.  She made a photo essay of us "trimming the Rooster's nails".  It really was bizarre!  I had hoped it would help lessen the damage he is inflicting on the hens.  Apparently it wasn't enough for poor Goldie.

Consulting the book

Holding him tightly

I don't think he wants nail polish!
However, they made it through the night, and now I have the two of them in the pen with lots of goodies to eat and fresh water.  Maybe if they are given a break for a week from Franklin they will get better.
The jam
So while I made raspberry jam I pondered the idea of putting a "period to his existence" and perhaps consign the rooster to the stew pot.  This would give the girls a chance to recover from rough handling while the little cockerels grew up.  By the time they are old enough fertilize the eggs, I would be ready to raise more chicks, if Mama went broody again.  They don't need the rooster--it is more that I like having him around.  But if he is messing up my girls, well, it does make me ponder!
Daisy Mae and a possible replacement for Frank!

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