Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Performance Day

El Conejito props
This morning the dynamic duo that calls themselves Taradiddle will be performing at the Fair Haven Library.  OK, so it is just Daphne and me, telling stories and singing songs, but we are a bona fide program, really we are.  The theme this year for the summer reading programs is "One World, Many Stories" which gave us such freedom to pick stuff that it almost undid us.  We just have too many stories we would love to tell!  We finally narrowed them down and put together one program we call "Up the Mountain" and another we call "Amigos".  At this point we have only done the Mountain one, which we are constantly revising.  El Conejito is one of the stories we will do today, using the masks I made.  I really like them.  Daphne came up with a brilliant way to tell "The Three Billy Goats Gruff"--she is doing it in Norwegian using her fingers as props and her lap as a stage. Granted, it is pared down to only the essentials as she could only master the main points.  It is absolutely wonderful.  But.  One never knows how it will go down before a crowd.  Today we will find out.  It may turn out that "De Tre Bukkene Bruse" is only fun for us!
Fresh off the needles, unblocked
In other news, last night was one of Those Nights where sleep was elusive.  After an hour of twitching in bed, I finally got up and went downstairs to sit in the rocker and knit.  I finished my second lacy hat.  I had enough yarn left that it inspired me to start a pair of fingerless gloves in the same lacy pattern.  I think they will make a pretty set.  Finally, at midnight, I was able to go back to bed and sleep.  But it seemed like 5:15 came awfully quickly.  Ah well, I only have to look and act my best for an hour this morning.  How hard can that be??

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