Thursday, July 21, 2011

Did we mention hot?

Lacy hat
After having been scolded by my daughter for complaining about the heat  (she pointed out that it is summertime in the Northeast, and it is supposed to be hot and humid), I am not the least bit cooler or resigned to it.  I can only be thankful I don't live in the southern part of the country where there has been an ongoing drought, plus the heat. 
Cool alpaca to spin
Meanwhile, I finished the hat.  It came out the way I wanted it to, but I think I want to knit another with a variation on the lace pattern.  The pattern was so easy to memorize and I want to do it so that it is much more open.  To that end, I blended some dyed alpaca with some white on the carder until I got a very pale green--a yellowy green--to spin up.  No glittery metallic in it, just pure alpaca.  The color will be very cooling to spin.  I already am thinking that I might card some more natural colors and spin for a woven scarf as it will be some time 'til I get the yarn spun for my shawl.  Don't want to leave the loom undressed for long--it looks so naked!

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