Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot Daze

This means "hot"
Hat in progress
 Well, it is a hot day to be sure.  And the one before it was hot and the one after it seems likely to be, also.  Heat, humidity and I Do Not go hand in hand very well.  I tend to go into some sort of hibernating mode, with not much inertia to do anything but sit by the fan and knit.  The fiber in my work room was calling to me, so I carded up some lovely fleece, blending some greeny/blue dyed alpaca with pure white.   After many passes through the carder, I came up with a very pretty aqua or teal color.  I tossed in some silver colored metallic threads so that it would sparkle a bit in the sunlight.   Once spun  up, it seemed like a great yarn for a lacy hat---very light to wear.   So I have been working on that--designing the hat from the top down, which I have never done.  I like it.  Very intriguing!
Red sun at night
Meanwhile the heat has spawned thunder storms, per usual.  After the one last night, which had some terrific booms and flashes, the sun set as a brilliant red orb.  "Red sun at night, sailor's delight" but I think the sailors would not like the heat any better than we do.  Funny thing is, the chickens don't let it bother them a bit, and I was under the impression that they were susceptible to heat.  For which I am glad, as I don't want them sitting around their little table with the umbrella, drinking cool drinks and neglecting their egg laying duties!

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