Thursday, June 2, 2011

This, I like

June 2, 2011
The weather turned over the course of the night and now it is a most bearable sort of warm.  The humidity dropped, there is a nice breeze, and the temperature is in the 70's, not 80's.  I love this sort of day--Thanks, God!
Jen's rescue rose
The garden is just bursting with color right now.  It really is my best time of year for it.  If I was a conscientious sort of gardener, the place would be spectacular.  As it is, I am a haphazard sort who gardens in fits and starts.  What has worked to my advantage is that I know this, and when I plant I try to pick things that will work well with neglect.  Delphiniums do not work well with neglect, nor Russian sage.  Two plants I have tried to grow many times, but it just doesn't happen.  Roses, now, roses I can do for some reason.  Once Annie and Jesse brought me home 5 bushes they had picked up at the end of the season for ten bucks, and I still have 2 of them left.  And one time my niece Jennifer gave me a poor black spotted rose bush that was being thrown out from the nursery she was working at (so she rescued it), and until this last winter it has been spectacular.  This spring it had a lot of die back, but it looks better now.
A nice gift for someone
In preparation for the weekend Town Wide Yard Sale,  I worked all day yesterday on getting my things uniformly labeled and priced.  Also got my inventory list finished.  I really don't expect to sell anything as the Yard Sale mentality is for bargains, but exposure is a good thing.  One never knows who might be looking for a gift for someone.  

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