Thursday, June 16, 2011

New listings

Well, I finally took the time to get two more listings into my Etsy shop.  It is such a challenge to get good photos, to begin with, and then the description writing sometimes does me in!  It must be good for the brain to be stretched like that.  I still have  three more things to list, but they will have to wait as I have ton of things to do here at the house before going off tomorrow.  Including, among other things, packing! 
A new scarf
The chickens are still doing well.  We saw Mama Fox the other day, across the field with 3 kits.  So for a day I kept them in the pen.  Last night there was a fox barking very close by--in the road, I guess.  However, I let the flock out today as it is so nice and I need them to eat bugs.  It is the chance we free rangers have to take.  And it is a chance, as the guy right down the road lost some of his to foxes the other day.  I like to think MacTavish's doggy scent keeps them away.

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