Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Keeping cool

Mama shows the way
Wait for us!

This is yummy, look here!
Suddenly, or so it always seems, it is Summer.  The days are hot and humid, the gardens are being planted, the flowers are bursting forth in a hurry, only to fade away in a moment with the sultry weather.  There are babies everywhere in the yard--mostly of the bird type.  We had a pair of geese walk through the yard with, I think, six goslings in a row.  They were going from the beaver pond across the road to the cow pasture behind the house.  I missed them going up in the morning, but got to see them coming home in the evening.  What a treat.  There are baby house sparrows in the box on the barn, baby tree swallows in the house in the chicken pen, and also baby robins in a nest in the wood shed, which got enclosed into the  chicken pen, too.  Probably that fact saved the baby robins, as they are in a really poor location. And of course, we have our own little babies, now running around the pen with Mama Hen, and they aren't even a week old yet!!  It is amazing the difference between raising them oneself or letting Mama do it.  I vote for Mama.

Soft and lovely
I am busy getting ready for the Town Wide Yard Sale.  I've got the lovely skein of blue and green turning into a very pleasing scarf.  I picked a lace pattern that is fairly easy, but looks very nice done up.  The other thing I am working on is getting everything labeled, sorted, the inventory written up, etc.   It is all stuff I need to have done, and once it is finished, I just have to update sales or new items.  But it is pleasant work to do, inside, when it is scorching out, with a nice iced coffee, the fan murmuring out a breeze and some classical music on the radio.

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