Friday, June 10, 2011

They survived!

All is well
Mama scratches up treats
Well, after two weeks of having every storm that headed this way deciding to veer off at the last moment, we finally got ours yesterday.  Actually, the rain part was a good thing as we were getting pretty dry and crispy, which was very ironic considering that just an hour north of us they are dealing with the aftermath of severe flooding and heavy rains all month.  The nerve wracking part of the storm was that I was Elsewhere when the Furies descended,  leaving the entire flock to fend for themselves.  I had to fret all the way home, imagining drowned chicks and hail-concussed bodies all over the lawn.  Happily, all were present and accounted for, carrying on as if having wind blown lawn furniture, downed trees, branches, and  panels from the greenhouse all scattered on the grass, was all part of a regular day.  Fortunately we did not have any real damage, losing only two tomato plants.  And that could have been from anything.

Look at the tiny tail feathers!
Franklin, the Boss with Cleo
Started knitting on a little shawlette.  I am calling it that as I envision it to be just a nice, small triangle of soft knitting on one's shoulders,  accented in the yarn overs with some pretty multicolored ribbon.  It is from a very finely spun alpaca that I had blended with a merino/silk roving.  Grey, mostly, with some subtle lighter colors of pink and light grey showing through.  I have to get enough knit to decide if I like the design element or not.  That's what I like about doing my own pattern--freedom to go my own way.

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