Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ordination and Attack

John, before the Bishop

The siblings
The juggling sister
The Ordination of my nephew to the Priesthood was a ceremony to remember.  Held in an historic Cathedral, it was full of beauty, music, and symbolism. The best part of it all was that my folks, his Grandparents, were able to be there to witness it.  It was such a huge deal that some of my Dad's family drove out all the way from Omaha.  This is amazing when you consider they put in a 12 hour day and a 10 hour day, and that one sister is 85!  One of his brothers also came, so part of the weekend was a reunion for them.  It had been many years since they had gotten together, and now that all but one is in their 80's, each visit is precious.  My folks hadn't been to my sister's house in many a year, either, so that was special for her.  John's sister has just recently gotten her habit as a novitiate of the order of the Sisters of Life,  so she made quite a stir among the relations, also.  The best part was when she showed off her juggling skills.
We got home without incident and found that all was well on the "farm".  Monday was spent doing laundry and various other chores.  I was in the midst of a phone call when there was a sudden ruckus in the dooryard---Franklin the rooster hysterically crowing as he raced up the lawn.  Jeff and the dog ran out to see what was going on as I quickly ended my call.  Where were the hens?  Jeff searched up and down the fence line as I counted heads.  Mama and the babies were missing and so was Cleo.  Then a bloodied and bedraggled Cleo came out of the bushes down back just as I located Mama and chicks under the forsythia bush.  Poor Cleo!  She was walking quite slowly, but seemed to have all her bits about her.  We found two piles of feathers, and she was bloody, but not bleeding, so she had a narrow escape.  I guess doggy smell is not enough to deter a hungry fox!  She is slowly getting back to her old self,  walking gingerly and roosting on the lowest bar in the coop.  The rest of the flock have spent the last two days in their fenced in area until I let them out late in the morning, and then they are all hanging around very close to the house.  It will be a long time before any of them go to that back corner again!  Such drama in the country.
And Mama hen is bringing in the chicks to the coop at night.  She is no dummy!  I am glad as I feel they are a lot safer in the barn with the doors latched, than out in the pen with just the wire around them.

The chicks at four weeks

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