Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Mama on her eggs
Anticipaaaaaaation is keeping me waiting....(think Carly Simon).  Little Red Hen #2 is still on the nest, and as I reckon it, tomorrow should be the day!! That is, if anything at all is to happen.  If not tomorrow, than within the next 2 days, at any rate.
I have a cage in the fenced off chicken pen ready for any chicks, with a hay filled box, for the mama and babies to sleep in at night.  I have the name of a lady who will let me have a small amount of chick feed so I can supplement their diet without having to buy 25 pounds of it--which seemed a tad excessive.  Will anything hatch?  If they do, will she be a good mama?  It certainly is keeping me distracted.
Lots of food
The party was a success, I guess.  Lots of food and drink and people.  The nieces grilled octopus appetizers ( I declined those) and made bruschetta, olive tapenade on bread with goat cheese, a cheese ball or two and this was just the beginning!  We had great things to eat.  I think there were about 25 or so people in the end.  Maybe more.  A surprise visit from dear friend with her husband--my rotten little girls knew she was coming, but didn't tell me so I could have a surprise.  I did, too!  It was great as Wendy is a terrific party person--she mingles well, can talk about anything with anyone, and makes great drinks.  Her husband was a great mingler, too.  He fit right in.  The grand girls kept busy with nephew Chapin, playing in the water garden, catching frogs.  He showed Maddy how to massage a frog's stomach to make it stay perfectly still.  It was wild!

Watching the Preakness
Wendy bartending
Maddy, massaging a frog

So this afternoon is spinning Tuesday for me.  I am looking forward to some nice quiet time, listening to "Lost in a Good Book" on my ipod and spinning some great alpaca.

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