Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Weekend

The daughter
Even though we are still having rain every single day, I am hoping that tomorrow we will be spared as it is Party Day at the house.   Two big number birthdays to celebrate between our daughter and our sister-in-law.   When it was noted that each of the families were planning a party on the same weekend, it became obvious that we needed to combine them, as basically the same people would be coming to both!   It will be nice to start the (theoretical) summer with a good party.
The sister-in-law
I believe there will be some time for spinning this morning as there is more rain to be had, so I won't be outside spiffing things up.  Fortunately,  yesterday was warm and sunny, so I got the outdoor party spaces ready.  Not much left for indoor except vacuuming, which won't take too long.
And, to no one's surprise, except probably Mama Robin, after she laid egg number four, all were taken from her nest.  Since it was so easily accessed, it could have been bird or beast, we will never know.  Hopefully she will try again in a better location.

Empty nest

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