Saturday, May 14, 2011

Finished things

A pair of socks
I finally got the socks off the needles and onto the feet.  They seem to be just a tad long in the foot, which really bugs me, as I purposely knit them from the toe up so that they would fit exactly.  However, I am sure that after a few washings they will be fitting the way they should.  It seems like socks always shrink up a bit as they age.  Sort of like people!

The other thing finished is my shop makeover.  I was trying to follow 
all the good ideas they have for newbies like myself to make the shop look spiffy, but finally had to figure out what I liked on other shop sites and apply it to mine.  I still haven't sold anything from there yet, so I might have to do a promotion.  The reason I hesitate to spend the money to promote is that I honestly don't think it will make any difference.  The two new items I added, the shawl and the scarf, will put the page up "front" for a minute or two, and then it slips into obscurity once again.  I am leaving it with less items for a while until after June 4 ,which is the Town Wide Yard sale day.  Gloria and I will have a space on Main Street even though we won't have bargains for the people searching for deals.  At least we get exposure, and, who knows, maybe someone may even buy something!  If they do purchase an item, I won't have to worry about renewing it for the shop.  That is why I am waiting until later to renew my listings.

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