Friday, May 27, 2011

Mama takes charge

Following Mama

Three little chickies
Mama hen decided on her own that she had given the last egg enough of her time.  I got back from my visit to Glo's and she had abandoned it in the middle of the cage.  It was cold to the touch.  Now she is very busy with her three.  I think they are all looking fine.
Eye candy
And what a fun time we had dyeing!  I did 4 jars of fleece from Warwick, as he is a lovely clean white.  I only had "seconds" to work with (those are usually the neck and shoulder areas) but I am thinking I will be blending them anyway, so it won't matter if they are short bits.

Part of the color way
More of the skein
The skein I did came out wonderfully well.  I am very psyched!  Pretty sure it is going to be a lacey scarf, knit up this week to add to my things that will be going to the Town Wide Yard Sale booth.  We (Gloria and I) know that most people who come to the Town Wide will be looking for bargains, but we look at it being there as an investment in exposure.  Besides, it's lots of fun. 

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