Friday, May 6, 2011

No rain Friday!

Wow--it is hard to believe, but at the moment there are no clouds in the sky and the sun is shining fit to bust.  It must be because it hasn't been able to for so long!  There is still very bad flooding up north, with Lake Champlain and all the tributaries still rising, but at least they will have a day of sun to lift their spirits for a moment. What with the tornadoes down south, it certainly has been a wild spring after a long, cold, snowy winter.  Wonder what summer will bring...
Still have Mama hen on her nest.  She has 4 eggs under her--I figured that was the amount I wanted to gamble on.  If they even reach the hatching stage, they may turn out to be cockerels, and I can't have even one more male in the group, so that they will have to go.  One way or another!  But the hope is that if they make it, they will be pullets.
Have to decide if I want to go to the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool festival next weekend.  It usually is on Mother's Day weekend, and I wasn't keen on going then, but when it turns out to be the following weekend, I still am waffling on going.  Only because it is a 3 hour drive over and back, so that is 6 hours in the car  which means it is an all day venture.  I don't have anything that I am looking for, just want to fill my eyes with fiber delight.  I will have to decide soon....Maybe, if I went with Gloria, I wouldn't have to drive, and could use the car ride as knitting time.  Hmmmm. That wouldn't be so bad!

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